We are going to give a short introduction of what ppc advertising is because its a well known advertising model but many newbies need to learn how to use it to promote their products or services. PPC also known as cost-per-click (cpc) is a model of internet marketing use to drive targeted traffic to your website
If you ever wanted to try ppc advertising but you just didn't think it would work out or it was too expensive for you if so these are a few tips that will put you in the right direction to having a successful campaign that brings new leads and ecommerce sales to your site.
The best ways to get your business growing is to just get started but with some help so this is a bonus tip is to just get going because the faster you get it up and running the faster you can make a few mistakes learn from them then become an expert on ppc advertising to let your targeted audience know your business exist.

1.Always add lots of negative keywords to stop wasteful spending
Negative keywords will allow you to keep unwanted keywords out of your spending budget

-You might ask yourself where can I find good negative keywords
-General knowledge of the industry
-Using keyword tools
-Reports in your ppc advertising platform

2.Organizing Your Accounts

When you organize your account it will give you more time to see which campaigns and ad groups are performing the better without searching through a ton of data

Example of how to organize your campaigns

Geotargeting - Targeting certain location lets say if you need to target different countries, states, cities in different ways, you would need a different campaigns for each one.

Networks – Bing allows you to target different networks
The search networks (Bing, AOL, Yahoo search results and syndicated search partners)
Content Netwroks (Content ads in Windows, Windows Phone and Windows media apps) you ads also appear on certain websites

Adgroups – should target certain sections of your website if you offer different services or products

Keywords- should target what that person will be searching for on the networks to get to your services or products

3.Separate Your Search and Content Campaigns

-Having your search and content campaigns separately can really help you manage your click-thought-rate, impressions and average positons.
When someone is doing a search on the search network they are more likely to buy because you are providing the customers at the exact time with what they want when they search for what every they are searching for.
Content network its your ads are on blog, email accounts, or information sites

4.Sometimes top positions are not always the best

-Just because your getting increase in click doesn't mean you are converting your clicks
-Make sure to test ROI each position and bid on the position that is converting the best

Some times you may see surges of traffic because some people just click on the first thing they see which leads to high click-thou rate without conversions. The goal is to convert your clicks to customers,leads or sales for the lowest price.

If you are using bing ads login your account click on adgroups then select and campaign form the drop down box create ad group then go to advanced setting click on advance ad group setting in Other settings click on Ad distribution to choose search network or content network
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5.Try not to make too many changes to your account in a short period of time

Making too many changes can make it very difficult to track your results
And to find out what is working for your business

-If you are going to make major changes to your account
-Give it about an week to see if it works

6.Promote what your audience wants and needs or what will benefit them
When you write an ad you want answer the customers with how they will benefit from using your product or services when you do this its will be likely that they will click your ad and become a paying customers.


We have best design phone cases

Example #2

Our phone case will protect your phone if you ever drop it

Example#2 would probably be a better selling pit for someone to buy that phone case because it would save them from buying another phone.

7.Always test two ads in a ad group

By running two ads you can compare the two different ads an see which one is out performing the other
which will lead to using the better ad and a higher click-through rate.

Additional Information: List of ppc advertising platforms

1.Microsoft Bing Ads
2.Twitter Ads
4.Pinterest Ads
5.Google Adwords

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