So the autoplay videos on facebook app is eating up your data when you scroll down and you need to fix it immediately fortunately their is an easy fix to
this problem with only a few steps to turn it off completely through your app settings.

1. The first step is to open your facebook app tap on the
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2. The second step tap on App Settings under Help & Settings and tap on Autoplay

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3. Last step is to choose which video autoplay option is best

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You do still have options if you would like to keep it on without completely draining your data. There are 3 options to chose from with video autoplay

Mobile Data and Wi-fi Connections - Which will work on your data plan and the wi-fi connection if you have your phone set to connection a wi-fi connection when available it will use the wi-fi connection

Wi-fi Connections Only - Works only when you are on a wi-fi connection

Never Autoplay Videos - Never play autoplay videos unless you click on the videos

Once you chose its automatically saved
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