Anyone who is looking to starting up their on successful business would want to taste the success of living the dream of working for themselves in what they love to do so passionately.

However, this all can starts with choosing a career that can be successful as a employee and employer when you look closely into some entrepreneurs journey its very clearly they have worked in the field in the past and then decided to branch out on their own. Once they have a clear and profound understanding of what they were doing and of the industry they now have the skills to build their own business.

So what are some skills you can learn then create your own business here are a few you might consider
  1. Programmer
  2. Writer
  3. Webmaster
  4. Painter
  5. Marketing
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Many others successful entrepreneurs knew their respective field like the back of their hand. It helped them understand the existing gaps in the products and services offered currently, and how to integrate technology, innovation, creativity and other related factors to improve and enhance the consumer experience. It led to product creation and offers and innovative services that will change the way people look at the product or service.

Entrepreneurs also are always on the look out for opportunities to grow their business and create companies that add to the industry. In the process, they contribute to the industry and achieve success.

The reason why it is always suggested that one should start their entrepreneurial journey in the industry they already know about is their experience. Experience is the key to success as an entrepreneur, and leds to creativity then to new products on the market least in some of the cases.

It all starts with an great idea then working hours, days and some times months of researching then product creation, marketing, building a team, crowdfunding, managing finances, infrastructure set up, reaching out to the target audience, following up, knowing the competition, patenting, getting legal and so on.

But when you are new to the game networking is so critical that it could make or brake your business before it gets off the ground, it would be an uphill battle with slim chances of success without knowing others in the field. Its not impossible, but it is certainly a lot more complicated than a person who has a large network of people in different fields to contact when ever they may need help.

Lets look at some of the benefits of why becoming a entrepreneur at what you do already is a good idea,
  • Knowing the customers/target audience and their point of view of products/services already available in the market.
  • Experience to understand what is missing in current offerings or the ability to create what the customers/target audience is looking for.
  • Knowing the road blocks well in advance. It helps in preparing for the journey better.
  • Experience in the industry helps in knowing the process, technicalities, formalities, legalities, and other dynamics related to the industry a lot better than an industry outsider.
  • Personal experience and insight about the product/services that helps in creating/offering something that customers would be delighted to have.
  • Also listening to the what people are commenting and complaining about is another advantage to creating a better product.
Bringing ideas to life is what entrepreneurship is all about, and it is a challenging journey for anyone whether the industry or not. However, when you have the experience, things become much easier. It is because you would be able to differentiate a bad idea from the next million dollar idea quickly, and avoid the roadblocks easily.

With experience and years of accumulated knowledge, you can have the upper hand in creating the next product that would attract your target customer and get you on the right track to becoming the next entrepreneur on the next shark tank episode and many other shows.
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