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Looking for wordpress theme for an internet marketing personal blog?

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  • Looking for wordpress theme for an internet marketing personal blog?

    Hi Im looking to change my blog theme from thesis to something else but Im confuse because their are some many other wordpress themes online
    I still want it to be seo friendly theme but elegant any suggestions

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    Hi Anthony, I use Wordpress too and I am sometimes confused as to which theme to use. I don't know what kind of business theme you are looking for and what type of content but here is my blog - seeing other blogsites in action helps me to choose what is right for me.

    I also use Homestead for my Primary site because it gives me the freedom to design it the way I want it.
    On the other hand, Word Press meets the needs as far as being a blog and being able to publicize easier on the many social sites available.


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      Hello Antony , what kind of theme are you looking for?, maybe I can recommend some of them very professional theme for businesses


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        Hello Marcy, Homstead could e good by the options are very limited when you want to look more professional and not just like a blog. I know very professional options to create professional wordpress based websites in a budget (Less than 100)


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          I'm looking for a theme that I can make a lot of customization to it like not showing all of my pages on the site at one time here is my site as you can see this theme shows all my pages and I cant hide any of them this makes the site looks bad when you are trying to view it on a mobile smartphone with a smaller screen thesis theme did a great job of customization but I need one that is kind of plain but more modern to todays themes I will check o